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        NELSON WK5
            的數量陣列方式。 WK5應用覆蓋範圍能組合成

        可用帶寬:    (10dB) 50Hz - 20KHz
        標稱指向性:(-6dB的) 水平:22.5°對稱×N個元素
        垂直:           60°非對稱(-20°/ +40°)
        最大SPL:      140dB
        RMS功率處理能力  LF:600 W
                                          HF:100 W
        組件                           LF:1×15“釹天氣耐4''線圈

                                          HF:1×3“釹振膜壓縮驅動器= 8歐姆

        額定阻抗:              LF,HF = 8歐姆

        物理數據                  W /寬x高x深:439×820×652mm
        重量(淨重):     60公斤
        箱體:                     波羅的海樺木膠合板
        表面處理:             紫色
        鐵網:                     聲學中性的面料聚酯粉末塗層鋼格柵網
        ◎ between modules angle can be make very precise adjustment,
             Regardless of is the vertical line array hanging is still piling up, can ensure high
             Fidelity sound quality and dynamic effects.
        ◎ can deploy horizontal or vertical installation, the total coverage angle is proportional to the
             The number of array mode. WK5 application coverage can be combined into
             Narrow (15 °, 22.5 °, 30 °), the standard coverage
          (75 °, 90 °), or extended coverage (105 °, 120 °)
            And a full range of 360 ° circular design.
        ◎ advanced system drive and protection.
        ◎ Plug and Play package, quick setup, easy to store and transport.
        ◎ and firm, moisture-proof of the Russian high-density birch plywood CNC cabinet
        ◎ flowing performance-class Vajra noisy spraying process.
        ◎ unique, convenient and attachment system.

        Technical parameters:
        Available bandwidth: (10dB) 50Hz - 20KHz
        Nominal directivity: (-6dB's) level: 22.5 ° symmetrical × N elements
        Vertical: 60 ° asymmetric (-20 ° / +40 °)
        Maximum SPL: 140dB
        The peak level measured at 1 meter 10dB crest factor pink noise with a specified
        Preset EQ settings and the corresponding values ??in free field conditions.
        RMS power handling capacity LF: 600 W
                                           HF: 100 W
        Components LF: 1 × 15 "4'' coil neodymium weather resistant
                                           HF: 1 × 3 "diaphragm neodymium compression driver = 8 Ohm
        Nominal Impedance: LF, HF = 8 Ohm
        Physical Data W / W x H x D: 439 × 820 × 652mm
        Weight (net): 60 kg
        Case: Baltic birch plywood
        Finish: Purple
        Network Rail: Acoustic neutral fabrics polyester powder coated steel mesh grille