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        NELSON TH-S218
        ◎ nice shape, thick and yet sophisticated
        ◎ High-density multilayer birch plank European cabinet CNC machining technology, robust that
           Effectively prevent the interference of shock
        ◎ advanced waterborne paint technology, environmental protection, wear
        ◎ import unit configuration
        ◎ 10 years of experience in research and development of the divider, using the world brand high-quality audio capacitors,
            Precision; hollow copper inductors, does not produce magnetic saturation; metal resistance, professional custom,
            High accuracy, consistency, quality and stability
        ◎ divider plate using high-density European multilayer birch plywood, hand soldering circuit components,
           Ensure large dynamic current "zero" loss.
        ◎ powerful attachment configuration, all to meet the transportation, installation, hanging and other multi-functional applications

        Technical parameters:
        Model: TH-S218
        Frequency response:          32hz-180hz (+ /-3db)
        Unit :                                       2 * 18-inch low frequency
        Rated power:                        2000W (Peak 4000W)
        Sensitivity:                             (1W / 1 m) 105dB
        Maximum sound pressure: (SPL) 140dB
        Nominal impedance:            8 ohms
        Socket :                                   2 * NEUTRIK NI4
        Accessories:                          10 * M8, 4 * M8
        Size:                                         (W * H * D) 1290x540x696mm
        ◎ 強大的功能附件配置,全方位滿足運輸、安裝、吊掛等多功能應用

        型號:           TH-S218
        頻響:           32hz-180hz(+/-3db)
        單元:           2*18寸低頻
        額定功率:   2000W(峰值4000W)
        靈敏:(      1W/1公尺) 105dB
        最大聲壓:(SPL) 140dB
        標稱阻抗:   8歐
        插座:           2*NEUTRIK NI4
        配件:          10*M8,4*M8
        體積:        (寬*高*深) 1290x540x696mm