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        可用帶寬:    (10dB) 35Hz - 20KHz

        最大SPL:       HF:   135/141dB
                                   MF:   130/136dB
                                   LF:    129/135dB
        RMS處理能力  LF: 2×450 W
                                   MF:312 W
                                   HF:160 W
        組件                   LF: 2×12“低音驅動單元
        標稱阻抗           LF = 2×8歐姆
                                   MF = 8歐姆
                                   HF = 8歐姆
        重量(淨重)   90公斤
        材料:               15,18和30mm波羅的海樺木膠合板
        表面處理紫色:  鐵網聚酯粉末塗層鋼格柵,聲學中性的面料黑色網布

        ◎ large-format pointing to line sound source speakers.
        ◎ can change the angle of radiation application of adjustment.
        ◎ can 50 degrees / 110 degrees symmetrical application of adjustment.
        ◎ between modules angle can be make very precise adjustment,
            Regardless of is the vertical line array hanging is still piling up, can ensure high
            Fidelity sound quality and dynamic effects.
        ◎ advanced systems driver protection.
        ◎ features a 25Hz ultra-low-mode function, can reduce the plus a subwoofer
             's Additional quantity.
        ◎ and firm, moisture-proof of the Russian high-density birch plywood CNC cabinet
        ◎ flowing performance-class Vajra noisy spraying process.
        ◎ unique, convenient and attachment system.

        Technical parameters:

        Available bandwidth:        (10dB) 35Hz - 20KHz
        Nominal pointing to Xing: (-6dB's) horizontal: 50 ° or 110 °
                                                              Left Radiation: 80 °
                                                           Right Radiation: 80 °
                                                                         Vertical: 60 °
        Maximum SPL: HF: 135/141dB
                                    MF: 130/136dB
                                    LF: 129/135dB
        RMS processing capacity LF: 2 × 450 W
                                    MF: 312 W
                                    HF: 160 W
        Components LF: 2 × 12 "bass drive unit
                                    MF: 2 × 6.5 "midrange of audio drivers unit
                                    HF: 2 × 1.75 "treble drive unit
        Nominal Impedance LF = 2 × 8 ohm
                                    MF = 8 ohm
                                    HF = 8 ohm
        Physical data width x high x deep: 876 × 356 × 689mm
        Weight (net weight): 90 kg
        Material: 15,18 and 30mm Baltic Birch plywood
        Surface treatment Purple: iron-Wangju ester powder-coated steel grille, acoustics neutral's Fabric Black mesh cloth